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Master Plan


In the spring of 2016, the Town of Albion commissioned Region 3-A Development & Regional Planning Commission to provide a five-year parks and recreation master plan for the Town of Albion Parks and Recreation system.

From Spring 2022 through Spring 2023, Albion Park Department has been working to update the five-year master plan. Successful completion and maintenance of a master plan ensures that Albion is eligible for various funding opportunities that require a parks master plan to be in place.

The master plan outlines proposed actions and goals of Albion Parks & Recreation for the next five years. It is a collaboration of independent research, public input, and the interests of the Albion Parks & Recreation Board. The plan is reviewed annually to ensure that ongoing goals and activities are in line with the framework of the plan.


This plan is not a legal document. It is meant to provide consistency across the terms of the Albion Parks &
Recreation Board members, acting as a point of reference for these individuals, as well as members of the
general public. 

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